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17 road tripping hacks for 2017

You’re here! We’ve helped you to plan your amazing self-drive vacation and you’re about to hit the South African roads. Our roads are generally in great condition and are clearly marked. They really are quite easy to drive. But there are always one or two tricks you can keep up your sleeve to make the drive even better…

Go Self-Drive Tours presents: 17 road tripping hacks for 2017!

1 – Invest in a car charger/adapter to keep your phone and other mobile devices charged and in working order during your trip. Many of these will also allow you to play music from your phone or device through the car’s sound system.

Coolers will do just that to your cooldrinks and snacks.

Coolers will do just that to your cooldrinks and snacks – cool them.

2 – Car coolers are also powered via the car charger jack and are ideal for keeping snacks and cooldrinks cool and fresh.

3 – Get everyone on the trip to download a currency exchange app like Venmo. These types of apps allow for the quick and safe transfer of money, making it easy to split bills for food, fuel or tolls.

4 – While we’re on the subject of apps, there are quite a few road trip game apps available for both Apple and Android. These are sure to entertain and make the miles in between destinations and sights melt away. We found these at www.babble.com.

5 – When parking in an unfamiliar town or city, drop a pin on your device’s map app. You’ll be able to wander around freely, without having to be too worried about where you left your car – simply look up directions to the dropped pin.

6 – And staying on maps… save Google Maps for offline use. Now you’ll be able to use this awesome directions tool even if you stray away from WiFi zones.

7 – Keep a shower caddy or small crate in the boot of the car – this is a fantastic way to keep extra fluid bottles upright and out of the way.

8 – This almost goes without saying, but bring snacks. Stopping to take photographs along the way or unplanned detours to take in the scenery might eat into your traveling time. Make sure you’ve got something to eat.

Cereal containers: not just for cereal.

Cereal containers: not just for cereal.

9 – And what will you do with your snack wrappers? Place a plastic bag inside a cereal container and secure it into place by clipping the container lid on. Voila!

10 – Ziploc bags are the road tripper’s friend. Use them for storing napkins and cutlery for easy on-the-go eating.

11 – It is customary to tip car guards in South Africa – especially in our smaller towns. Keep a small plastic container in the glove compartment of the car. Whenever you buy something at a shop and get change, put the silver coins in the container and use this as ready-at-hand tip money.

12 – Take turns driving. You’re here to wonder at the amazing scenery or to spot wild animals. Give everyone an opportunity to do so by rotating the driving responsibilities. This also ensures that drivers who share this responsibility get equal opportunities for extra rest.

13 – When driving on our highways, especially in cities, keep an eye out for your exit sign. Not only to know when it will be coming up, but in which lane you should be to take it.

14 – The wearing of safety belts is compulsory by law in South Africa. Make yours a bit more comfortable by wrapping a soft towel around the strap.

15 – A fun way to keep the kids entertained is to laminate a road map of your journey. Get them to trace the route and mark off landmarks as you go along.

An ordinary spray bottle becomes an effective personal cooling system.

An ordinary spray bottle becomes an effective personal cooling system.

16 – Remember that you’ll be traveling under the South African sun. While most rental cars are equipped with air conditioners, fill a spray bottle with water and ice blocks for a refreshingly cool spray.

17 – Let the professionals take over. Visit www.goselfdrive.co.za to find out how we’ll work with you to plan the best road trip of your life.

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