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The indie rock band Counting Crows got it right when they sang “we all want to be big stars”. We all want to feel as if we’ve made it big, as if we’ve hit the jackpot, as if we’ve achieved something, as if we’ve joined the club.

You too can become a road tripping legend.

You too can become a road tripping legend.

The easiest way to count yourself among the in crowd, is to join the ranks of legendary road trippers. “Me?” I hear you asking yourself. “How could I possibly dare to assume greatness? How could I possibly hope to plan the most awesome road trip ever – awesome enough to become legendary?” The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind. The answer is at www.goselfdrive.co.za. But before we get into how we can help you plan your self-drive vacation, let’s take a look at a few of those who have made it into the Go Self-Drive Road Trippers’ Hall of Fame.

While he didn’t do it on wheels, Moses definitely takes the top spot for the longest road trip in history: he spent 40 years leading the Israelites through the desert. It might have been a shorter trip if Moses had access to Google Maps, but be that as it may, he showed true commitment to the road trip, but failed to reach the final destination. Poor Moses died with the land of milk and honey in sight. Don’t worry – we’ll help you out with maps and directions on your self-drive vacation.

Edmund Hillary had to pack a lot of food on his epic road trip.

Edmund Hillary had to pack a lot of food on his epic road trip.

Sir Edmund Hillary’s epic road trip to the South Pole did take place on wheels. He reached the South Pole – by tractor – on 3 January 1958. His was only the third successful overland expedition to the Pole (Amundsen reached it in 1911 and Scot made it in 1912). But we’re pretty sure he’s the only one to do it in a tractor. You won’t have to drive through South Africa on a tractor (unless you really want to). We’ll even advise you on what rental car to choose.

Next on our list is every person who has ever taken part in the Dakar rally. These crazies legends traverse thousands of kilometers, through various countries, of truly rough off-road terrain, in true off-road vehicles. The 2017 event takes place in January, and participants will face 9 000 kilometers, traveling from Paraguay to Argentina, via Bolivia. You can also do off-roading in South Africa. In fact, you can do a lot of things in South Africa. You tell us your interests, and we’ll work them into your trip.

Santa doesn't fill up at the Shell.

Santa doesn’t fill up at the Shell.

At this time of year, we can’t ignore the greatest road tripper of them all. While it doesn’t take him a very long time, he makes this trip only once a year. And we don’t blame him – traveling the world in a matter of hours must really take it out of you! Not to mention stopping at every house, having to crawl down – and up – sooty chimneys, doing your best not to be seen, lugging a gigantic sack around and having to deal with a whole herd of flying reindeer. And don’t forget that Santa has to drink millions of glasses of milk and eat millions of cookies that are left out for him. We really hope he isn’t lactose or gluten intolerant… Luckily you’ll have more to look forward to than milk and cookies, because we’ll even recommend restaurants along your trip.

There are more members in our Go Self-Drive Road Trippers’ Hall Of Fame, and we’d like you to join them. So, visit www.goselfdrive.co.za and let’s get to work arranging your perfect South African self-drive vacation.

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