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South African safaris offer more than the Big 5.

We’ve said a lot about South Africa’s Kruger National Park – with good reason.

Africa’s Big 5, buffalos, rhinos, elephants, leopards and lions roam the plains, tropical forests and mountains that form part of the breathtakingly beautiful landscape.

The Famous Five share the park with hundreds of other species of mammals like giraffes and hippopotami, as well as smaller animals like bush pigs and meerkats – and an incredible variety of antelope and buck. This national treasure is also home to hundreds of bird species and an impressive repertoire of reptiles. In fact, the Kruger National Park boasts with so many animals, it’s the veritable Noah’s Ark of the Southern Hemisphere! And then we haven’t even begun to talk about the diverse botanical population.

Lions, Kruger

Guides are trained to track animals and guests often witness incredible incidents.
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Join a guided game drive and be amused by playful primates, revel in the thrill of the hunt as big cats stalk unsuspecting prey, shiver as ‘something’ slithers away into the long grass and relax as antelope graze under the setting sun. Safaris are always unpredictable, but never ever boring (as the long suffering uncle of a certain Lion King once said, “Be prepared” by following these tips for your safari).

But at Kruger you can do even more with your precious time away…

Self-drive safaris are often easy ways to travel through the park – you will be surprised at the close encounters you’re bound to experience on the road. Off-road aficionados may prefer taking on designated 4WD trails, or you might be tempted to trade four wheels for two and hit the park’s mountain biking trails. These are offered at certain of the camps where you will be supplied with all the equipment you’ll need. Keep in mind that Kruger is a wildlife park full of interesting and beautiful, but very dangerous animals. So DO NOT go mountain biking anywhere other than on designated routes as allowed by and arranged through the relevant camps. If you’d like to get even closer to nature, many camps also offer guided bush walks (keep in mind that the same rules apply – please DO NOT go walking about the park on your own!).

golf, golfing, Kruger

Some camps even offer a round of golf – but keep an eye out for the locals!
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Get a new perspective on the park and its inhabitants while enjoying a hot air balloon flight, or add extra adventure and go caving near the Kruger National Park. Then again, if you’d rather spend a few hours relaxing after all the fun and wonder of your wildlife wanderings, why not treat yourself to some me-time at one of the many camps’ wellness spas?

However you decide to spend your time at Kruger, it’s the perfect destination for families, groups of friends or romantic honeymooners. We know that everyone wants something else out of their travels, and that different people have different travel needs. That is why we’ll work with you to plan your perfect Kruger National Park self-drive safari trip.

We’ll assist with all arrangements – from your arrival at O.R. Tambo International Airport, collecting your rental car and driving to the park – with any additional stops you might want to make along the way. If you are already in South Africa, you can count on us to arrange an awesome road trip to the park from wherever you are. All you need to do is dream of your self-drive safari and send us an email – we’ll take care of the rest.

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