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Fun and adventure for the whole family – all in one… cave?! (Part one)

Yes! South Africa’s Cango Caves, near Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo, will fascinate and entertain every member of your family. Adventure and exploration? Check! Fairy castles and mood lighting? Check! Incredible natural wonders? Check!

The vast network of cavernous halls is decorated with towering stalagmites and gravity defying stalactites, and are connected by winding tunnels and walkways. Thrill in the adventure of exploring one of Southern Africa’s largest cave networks and let your imagination run wild amongst the beautiful, ethereal and delicate rock and crystal formations. And, yes, maybe even learn a bit about the history of the caves and how they were formed.

Explore the Cango Caves during your road trip.

Explore the Cango Caves during your road trip.

Two guided tours are on offer, the Heritage Tour and the Adventure Tour. The Heritage Tour examines the first 500m of the caves and is an easy exploration for all family members. Visitors discover the humongous Van Zyl’s Hall upon entering the caves. The cavern is 90m long, 50m wide and between 14m and 18m high! The 60-minute tour includes many magical sights as natural erosion, active drip formation and crystal growth continues to create formations that capture the imagination. And the chambers are either named after people important to the discovery of the caves, or for the formations found within them.

The Rainbow Chamber (lit by a variety of coloured lights), is home to the tame cave devil, Old Nick. The Cavern’s Biblical Section contains an open Family Bible, the Outstretched Lost Wing of an Angel and a hollowed-out stalagmite known as The Christening Font.


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The Cathedral will take your breath away.

The Bride can be seen sitting on a low stool, silently weeping, in The Kitchen of the Bridal Chamber. This chamber is dominated by the fourteen post Bridal Bed. More coloured lights bring the Fairy Queen’s Palace (or Cathedral) to life in Fairyland, where the Fairy Castle takes the form of an inverted sunflower.

The Drum Room contains an impressive example of a translucent formation, along with a stalagmite that reminds one of a Bushman hut. This chamber serves as the end of the Heritage Tour, while those with the nerve to tackle the Adventure Tour carry on deeper into the mountain. Click here to read more about the Adventure Tour.

The Cango Caves is a must-visit when taking a self-drive vacation through South Africa’s Garden Route, or when traveling on Route 62. Situated approximately 29kms from Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo and 90kms from George on the Garden Route, a visit to this national treasure is an easy detour away – if it isn’t already part of your planned trip.

The Pulpit is another stunning rock formation within the caves.

The Pulpit is another stunning rock formation within the caves.

The network of caves was mainly formed due to chemical reactions within stagnant pools of subterranean water. Stone artifacts and other cultural material found here proves that early man had been living in the entrance to the caves during the Middle- and Later Stone Ages (250 000 to 50 000 years ago). The entire system stretches over 4km, but roughly 25% of that is open to visitors. More and more caves are discovered – even today – supporting the legend of Mr Johnny Wassenaar. Johnny followed an underground river in the caves in 1898. According to the story, he walked for 29 hours trying to find the end of the caves. He claimed to have calculated that he was 25km from the entrance to the caves, and at least 275m below the surface! He became the caves’ first official guide.

Because the Cango Caves is such a popular tourist destination, you have to pre-book your tour. But don’t fret! When you speak with us about customizing your self-drive vacation of South Africa’s Garden Route, Klein Karoo or Route 62, we can discuss your booking. But one thing is for certain – you can’t miss out on visiting this awe-inspiring destination! Okay – two things are for certain, because you can’t go wrong in letting Go Self Drive Tours organize your entire trip.


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