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17 road tripping hacks for 2017

You’re here! We’ve helped you to plan your amazing self-drive vacation and you’re about to hit the South African roads. Our roads are generally in great condition and are clearly marked. They really are quite easy to drive. But there are always one or two tricks you can keep up your sleeve to make the […]

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Top tips for effortless air travel

You’ve contacted us through our website, Facebook or Twitter pages and we’ve worked with you to plan your ideal self-drive trip through South Africa. Chances are you’ve got a long-haul flight to take before hitting the South African roads. To help you make that trip easy and fun, we’ve put together a few tips for […]

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Join the legends – take a road trip.

The indie rock band Counting Crows got it right when they sang “we all want to be big stars”. We all want to feel as if we’ve made it big, as if we’ve hit the jackpot, as if we’ve achieved something, as if we’ve joined the club. The easiest way to count yourself among the […]

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Beat the heat this summer.

If you’re doing a road trip through South Africa this summer, you’re in for a treat. The African summer sun is a beauty, but it can also be a beast. The kind folks at www.hellodoctor.co.za have provided us with helpful hints on how to make the most of these lazy summer days, without falling into […]

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You needn’t speak the language to understand the lingo

One of the more humble perks of traveling to a different country is getting to learn one or two words or phrases in the local language during your travels. While English is widely spoken in South Africa, the country sports 11 official languages, with various dialects of languages spoken throughout. These different languages and their […]

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Take your taste buds on a South African self-drive vacation

You’ll have more on your plate than a full itinerary when taking a road trip through South Africa. And we’ll help you to pick your favourites on the menu. Everyone has to eat. But if you are one of those I-eat-because-I-must kind of people, or a that-looks-delicious-I-want-to-stuff-it-in-my-face kind of people, the wide variety of snacks […]

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You’ll need both hands to count Africa’s Big 5 (… and the Little 5)

Africa’s Big 5 are famous: buffalo, rhino, elephant, leopard and lion. And the best way to see them for yourself is to take a self-drive safari through South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The Big 5 share the gigantic reserve with more than 150 other species of mammals, as many as 517 species of birds, 114 […]

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South African safaris offer more than the Big 5.

We’ve said a lot about South Africa’s Kruger National Park – with good reason. Africa’s Big 5, buffalos, rhinos, elephants, leopards and lions roam the plains, tropical forests and mountains that form part of the breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The Famous Five share the park with hundreds of other species of mammals like giraffes and hippopotami, […]

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Fun and adventure for the whole family – all in one… cave?! (Part two)

Missed part one? Read it here. The Cango Caves, in South Africa’s Klein Karoo, is the perfect stop while on your fun filled family road trip. You’ll find enormous caverns, huge (and still active) stalagmites and stalactites, walls of crystal and an ancient connection to ancestors who lived at the cave entrance hundreds of thousands […]

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Fun and adventure for the whole family – all in one… cave?! (Part one)

Yes! South Africa’s Cango Caves, near Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo, will fascinate and entertain every member of your family. Adventure and exploration? Check! Fairy castles and mood lighting? Check! Incredible natural wonders? Check! The vast network of cavernous halls is decorated with towering stalagmites and gravity defying stalactites, and are connected by winding tunnels […]

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